Monday, January 26, 2009

New Rocks on the Way

We were hoping to go to Quartzsite AZ next weekend, which would be an excellent chance to leave gypsystones around. But now my bf has the toothache from hell so it looks like we are not going to get to go. And there is no way I'd want to be out in the middle of the desert with a toothache. The mere thought of it makes my teeth hurt. I'm going to paint some new gypsystones anyway just in case. I found some rocks I'd already painted the background on so the fun part is next. Maybe I'll do a spring theme since spring is just around the corner.

And if we don't go to AZ I can always leave them around the local area. I'm also making a box of finished items as give aways. So I can add some painted rocks to that as well.

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