Monday, February 04, 2013

Free Art Box

My life has changed by leaps and bounds since I last updated this blog. But today I surfed onto a blog talking about Free Art Fridays or FAF and I thought considering my current situation, I could easily get back into giving away art. Last October we moved out to the Mojave desert in CA. I think I could put an Art Box on a fencepost right in my front yard, inviting the public to help themselves to some art. They could even leave some art for me if they chose to. I won't limit it to stones either. I have gobs of stuff to give away like crocheted animals, paintings, bread dough art, earrings. We hardly get many people on foot around here so it may be awhile before someone picks something up. But that will be part of the fun of it. And I think after awhile it will catch on.

As far as finding stones to paint, my new yard is practically a rock farm.